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Witness Statement

The success or failure of any case can be strongly influenced by the quality of the statements collected from witnesses. When you are preparing a case, whether civil or criminal, you can be sure that the statements collected by our team will be factual, relevant, concise and will focus on the case in point.

The Aitch-Gee Investigations Ltd. network of agents is able to take both Civil and Section 9 Criminal Statements, and can access any part of the country quickly to make sure the statements arrive when needed.

Once instructions have been received we will:

  • Contact the Respondent immediately
  • Arrange a convenient appointment
  • Arrive at the appointed time and place
  • Ask all pertinent questions necessary to get full facts
  • Prepare and write up the statement
  • Get the Respondent's signature on the statement
  • Return the statement to you within 24 hours of signing

Need statements gathered from one or more witnesses? Calll us now

For more information, simply click in the header of any page to email us or call 01277 200594 in complete confidence. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and all your personal information is stored in a controlled environment. We will not under any circumstances reveal details of the operation or you to any third party without your authority.