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Vehicle Tracking

Are your vehicle costs escalating for no apparent reason? Is your level of stock falling? Your number of complaints about deliveries increasing? It may just be that your vehicles are not being used 100% in line with your business aims. How do you know what route your drivers take, or how many times they stop at unauthorised locations? The truth is that very many transport managers simply do not know.

Vehicle costs represent one of the biggest bills faced by many organisations, and misuse, abuse of or theft from the vehicles is one of the biggest threats, both financially and in terms of a company's reputation. At Aitch-Gee Investigations Ltd, we have the ability to help protect your business from such risks through the use of GPS tracking systems.

GPS vehicle tracking is a valuable and powerful tool for collecting evidence on the movement of a vehicle. There are many reasons for using a vehicle tracking service. It can be for collecting evidence of a cheating partner or a dishonest employee making deliveries to an unauthorised premises. The person carrying out your vehicle tracking can either prove that your suspicions are groundless or correct. In either case it will put your mind at rest.

With GPS vehicle tracking we can pinpoint the whereabouts of a vehicle to within a few metres no matter what speed it is travelling at.

The vehicle tracking unit is fitted in seconds and is extremely cost effective, totally discreet. It produces quick results and is hidden from prying eyes.

Aitch-Gee Investigations Ltd will monitor the vehicle tracking device remotely and collect a full history of the vehicle's movements. We will report the results to you as and when you require them. If necessary we will inform you when the vehicle is in an unauthorised area.

After the operation has concluded the vehicle tracking device is removed and there is no sign of it ever being attached to the vehicle.

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For more information on vehicle tracking using GPS, simply click in the header of any page to email us or call 01277 200594 in complete confidence. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and all your personal information is stored in a controlled environment. We will not under any circumstances reveal details of the operation or you to any third party without your authority.