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Status Reports

In the current financial climate it is now more important than ever to know more about who you may be dealing with before you commit to doing any work for them. Whether it is a company or an individual, carrying out credit checks and getting a status report at the outset can save you immense amounts of time and trouble later on.

The costs involved are very low, and represent a fraction of the potential cost that can be incurred through having to pursue bad debts through the courts. In the worst case, and you do have to commence legal proceedings, it is vital to know beforehand if your debtor actually has the resources and assets to repay the debt. Once again, our status and asset report service can make this information available simply and quickly.

Asset Reports and Pre-Sue Enquiries can discover if your debtor has any hidden interests. This information will then enable you to make the decision as to whether it is worthwhile or not to continue with your legal action. Even if assets are hidden abroad, through our worldwide network of contacts, these can be traced and factored into the decision making process.

Would you like to know more about the status of the people you may be dealing with?

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