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Personal Injury Claims

In the current climate, personal injuries can sometimes be seen as an opportunity to benefit from the situation. 

Nine out of 10 (89%) solicitors think the 'no win no fee' system has encouraged more people to make fraudulent personal injury claims, according to research from Liverpool Victoria Insurance.

Six in 10 (57%) say there has been a rise in exaggerated injuries in the last decade while 40% said they have seen a surge in 'fakers' since the recession began.

Among solicitors who have encountered suspect personal injury claims, over half (52%) say the claims are most likely to involve a car accident, with whiplash the most frequently exaggerated injury making up 46% of all exaggerated claims. Post-traumatic stress was the next most commonly 'made-up' injury (21%) followed by strained muscles (10%).

Recent research indicates that over six in 10 (63%) legal professionals believe that TV advertising of these kinds of services is one of the key reasons for the increase in people reporting false personal injury claims. The other reasons cited were people thinking it?s an easy way to make money (70%), an increased awareness of the availability of compensation (62%), and the need to hold someone else responsible (49%) if they had been in an accident.

In cases where claimants expect compensation for life-altering after effects of injury, it may be the case that the restriction in their activities is exaggerated. Our experienced surveillance team can get to the heart of matters very quickly if that is the case. 

Surveillance is usually carried out by a team of 2 to 4 operatives who will follow the subject discreetly and record who they meet with and what they do. The subject will not be aware that they are being followed.

All the operatives employed are trained in gathering evidence for whatever reason and recording it either on video or still photography or a mixture of both. All the surveillance evidence gathered will be produced in a manner that it is able to be used in a court of law.

The private investigators we use for surveillance all have many years of experience and are ex-police surveillance officers who are skilled at their work.

Surveillance logs are maintained throughout the operation and are available at the end of the operation together with a written report and photographic evidence for use by solicitors or courts.

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