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Missing Person Tracing

Have you lost contact with a family member,loved one, friend or ex colleague? Are you perhaps a solicitor trying to trace a missing beneficiary of a client's will? Often when the trail has gone cold, the services of a specialist in missing person traces is the only way to reunite families, friends or loved ones.

Aitch-Gee Investigations Ltd offers UK and international persons tracing service to solicitors and private individuals. People go missing for many different reasons and we are here to locate them for you.

Tracing people can be a difficult and challenging job and we are experienced and skilled in this work. All of our resources and databases are in date records which are inaccessible to members of the general public.

A lot of persons tracing work can be carried out from an office electronically but often it is necessary to be out on the ground making enquiries of old neighbours and other sources of information such as friends, work place and many others.

Once we receive your instruction to trace someone our enquiries will begin within 24 hours.

Looking for someone you have lost touch with? Call us now and start the search

For more information, simply click in the header of any page to email us or call 01277 200594 in complete confidence. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and all your personal information is stored in a controlled environment. We will not under any circumstances reveal details of the operation or you to any third party without your authority.