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Employee Checking

When a new employee joins your company who has checked on their background? How do you assess the risks associated with employing that person? You need to run a Employee and Background Check to ascertain that they really are who they say they are, have the experience that they say they have. For example, was the glowing references from previous employers just given to help get rid of this person without going through dismissal procedures.

We are able to undertake enquiries to carry out Employee and Background Checks on potential employees or business partners. A Employee and Background Check will include:

  • Checking their referees by personal contact with them.
  • Checking with their previous employers to ascertain why they left that employment.
  • Ascertaining whether or not they have County Court Judgements against them.
  • Ascertaining whether or not they are or have been made bankrupt.
  • Confirmation of the accuracy of their CV.

Employee and Background checks are a sensible way of reducing the risks of loss to your company and yourself.

Of course, once a person is working for you, the potential problems don't just stop there. With so much emphasis on employee's rights in terms of sickness and injury, there is the odd occasion when someone who works for you will 'play the system'. 

If there is an absenteeism problem with a particular employee, do you really know that they are genuinely sick? There have been cases of people using this as a means to get time off for hobbies, or even in extreme cases, work at another job while you are still paying them for the job they have with you.

If you have suspicions, our personal surveillance team can help you get the true picture quickly, discreetly and cost-effectively. By monitoring the whereabouts and activities of habitual absentees, the truth very quickly emerges.

Surveillance is usually carried out by a team of 2 to 4 operatives who will follow the subject discreetly and record who they meet with and what they do. The subject will not be aware that they are being followed.

All the operatives employed are trained in gathering evidence for whatever reason and recording it either on video or still photography or a mixture of both. All the surveillance evidence gathered will be produced in a manner that it is able to be used in a court of law.

The private investigators we use for surveillance all have many years of experience and are ex-police surveillance officers who are skilled at their work.

Surveillance logs are maintained throughout the operation and are available at the end of the operation together with a written report and photographic evidence for use by solicitors or courts.

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