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Computer Forensics

If a criminal or malicious employee stole data from your organisation, would your team have the skills to detect it? Could you gather evidence that would allow you to identify the source of data theft or misuse? Could you recover losses in the courts or help the authorities prosecute a criminal case? Could you protect your business against computer crime?

With the advances in technology, computer crime is becoming more of a problem in all kinds of business. Computerised fraud, theft of personal details for identity theft, direct stealing of credit card data, business loss through malicious hacking and damage to your company's reputation are just a few of the potential hazards lurking out there waiting to strike.

At Aitch-Gee Investigations Ltd., we have the expertise to track down irregularities and computer misuse in your organisation. Even after files have been deleted, we can gather evidence of data theft or misuse, despite efforts of computer criminals to cover their tracks.

Furthermore, our computer security experts are here to advise on how you can make sure that your business doesn't become a victim of cyber crime, and help you put a monitoring regime in place to nip potential threats in the bud. Prevention is so often better than cure!

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